Rinnegan - the world of Great Shinobi and the birthplace of 9 tailed beasts

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Inspired by the legendary manga Naruto, we have created Rinnegan with the hope of bringing participants great experience and value when immersing themselves into a magical world full of shinobis. We are ready to create a fully digital world that turns the game characters into valuable, exchangeable, and profitable NFT assets. In a simple and innovative way, Rinnegan makes your investing experience as engaging and entertaining as a game. Users can own beasts, fight enemies, trade, ect.

Rinnegan's Story

Rinnegan - the world of Great Shinobis and the birthplace of 9 tailed beasts
In Rinnegan, people are born with innate, elemental chakra powers. That world, as it exists, was divided into five global powers and some smaller countries. These countries were named and organized around the dominant element trait of the people who live there: the Land of Earth, the Land of Wind, the Land of Lightning, the Land of Water and the Land of Fire. Each country is ruled over by Kages and protected by a warrior class of ninjas who have honed their elemental powers.
Following by the elemental powers was the birth of 9 tailed beasts. At the beginning, they always sought to destroy the lives of people and crops. A lot of people died because of fighting against them in long-term battles. Long after that there were some ultimate ninjas who found a way to capture and seal them into the hosts called Jinchuriki. It was very dangerous for the Jinchuriki to control these monsters inside them but that was the only way and they did it successfully to maintain peace for the whole world.
The world remained peaceful and prosperous until one day a secret organization with evil power called Akatsuki launched a looming attack on countries. This organization kidnapped Jinchuriki to get the beasts out of them. With this intrigue, Akatsuki wants to bring back the past wars to wipe out the world. Being aware of the threat from Akatsuki, Kages has established a shinobi league to train and enhance skills for all of the ninjas to prepare for fighting against the growing forces of Akatsuki who stage bolder and bolder attacks by using tailed beasts and threatening ninjas with their infinite strength, with the aim of dominating the Ninja world.
A global war is breaking out, and brave ninjas need to upgrade their strength to be fully prepared for the coming threat and protect the peace of people in their world.
Rinnegan is designed to take you to miracle ninja world, where your dreams of becoming a shinobi will be fulfilled. The game experience is enriched with beautiful and high-quality graphics and is extremely challenging, stimulating the players to actively participate.
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