Game Test
To do a Rinnegan game test on Binance Smart Chain TestNet, you need BNB and REN. To claim testnet BNB and REN, you can follow the below instructions:

To claim BNB

Go to https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart, then paste your BEP20 address in the box and click on “Give me BNB”.

To claim REN

Go to https://rinnegan.games/app/shop, click on "Get Ren TestNet" button.
Now you can connect your wallet to Rinnegan to be transferred to Test Network and experience the game.

Instructions to do Rinnegan game test:

👉 TOKEN_ADDRESS : 0x935fbeA7f20378fA84346c62CE0410b9b7e9817C
👉 MANAGER_ADDRESS : 0x3Cee285D40e6f8A3dE753632f5900f43f9E9C1f0
👉 NTF_ADDRESS : 0xB2527ff2a89A60371E0FbB36EF0D24cAeAb10989
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